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This is a personal web space run by my hand-crafted compiled website engine. It's a proof-of-concept for a philosophy (see compiled website reasoning) as well as a working host for my reviews and writings. You can also learn more about me.

Everything from my old blog at spiralofhope.wordpress.com should have been imported either here or into my new blog at blog.spiralofhope.com.

I also have a great many other articles and projects that are currently offline which will be rewritten and brought over here when I have time.

Active Topics and Projects

These are the things which are on my plate at the moment. The list will change as my interests do.

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Computers >

Computers > Programming


Stuff that's particularly significant that's not in the list above. New stuff at the top. An RSS feed or some sort of automation is forthcoming, but there's other stuff that's more important to program first.