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What order should I watch episodes in? What about movies? Are there any "fluff" episodes that I can ignore?

Departures from the original US airing order are marked with a +.

Props to [1]

The numbers on the left are the season, disk, episode - production code. So s1,cd1/1 - 103 is season one, CD one, episode one.

Items marked with a + are out-of-order from the original air date.

Entries are grouped by CD.

List of Babylon 5 episodes

s quoted. That poem must have been left by the original commander, because I remember him quoting it.
  • s4 cd2/2 - 406 - [73] Into the Fire
  • s4 cd2/3 - 407 - [74] Epiphanies
  • s4 cd2/4 - 408 - [75] The Illusion of Truth

  • special features - thingy

    in the machines, the stasis of those people and continue advanced research on all those things hinted at. A massive Interstellar Alliance project, ensuring technological advancements and greater cooperation.
  • Unexplained technomancer.
  • Unexplained talking box.
  • The Needs of Earth
  • The Memory of War
  • The Long Road
  • Visitors from Down the Street
  • The Well of Forever
  • Each Night I Dream of Home
  • Patterns of the Soul
  • The Path of Sorrows
  • Ruling from the Tomb
  • The Rules of the Game

  • film: Babylon 5 The Lost Tales - Voices in the Dark (2007)

    Skippable. Shit.

    Special Features:

    I got bored trying to watch anything else. Bah.