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This was originally written 2010-01-31, so it's out of date. I need to revisit these with the most recent Firefox, and also do some nice screenshot showcases.

Themes: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/browse/type:2

Good stuff

[1] NASA Night Launch

[2] Revelation

[3] MidnightFoxy 2.20100123

[4] In The Dark

Cannot install

[5] Dark Revisited

[6] PitchDark

Of note

I also want to give props to Classic Compact for really doing its job well. If you need your screen real-estate, this is a good theme. Also check out Classic Compact Options.


  1. GTK themes (try lxappearance) also change Firefox.
  2. If you specify a non-default theme in Firefox then that theme will override the GTK preference.
  3. Some of the GTK theme bleeds through into Firefox regardless of your Firefox-theme choice. For example, Xfce-dusk is a reasonable (but imperfect) dark theme. But in Firefox when you edit a WordPress post the default text is white. The background colour stays white, so you can’t read much. =/
To fix that, you must change your theme back to something else, like ClearLooks, and reload the page in Firefox.
  1. The "make site visible" Greasemonkey script can help with website colours for general surfing. What a WONDERFUL tool. I think it’s unfinished/bugged though.